product development process

It begins with an idea, which is evaluated with the ultimate end user in mind, and for its marketability and manufacturability. Next, different ways of realizing that idea are explored in concept studies, and first design iterations are presented. With continuous client input and further development, design and engineering proceed together, and prototypes are fabricated, tested and evaluated. Consultation with the manufacturer – whether that’s the client, or a domestic or off-shore contract manufacturer – is also a key component of this process from project beginning through production.
Product Development Services available:

Ideation, Innovation and Invention
Concept Development
Industrial Design
Design Engineering
Project Management

process case study: RAINBOW FOUNTAIN

For the second generation of their water-powered Rainbow Fountain, GAME challenged BDA with an unusual aesthetic for interpretation: the twisted flute of the tornado fountain below. The original shape presents undercuts not possible to injection-mold without complicated tool slides and unacceptable part surface marking; our task was to redesign the form for standard tool parting.
The solution was the alignment of the flutes relative to the mating line of the housing assembly, proved out with solid CAD modeling. The industrial design was completed, and the unit engineered off-shore under the direction of GAME’s engineering staff and BDA.

graphic design process

Our expertise in three-dimensional and structural/mechanical assemblies are particularly crucial when graphic design components must factor structure and manufacturability into consideration. For design of keypads, membrane switches and graphic overlays, our knowledge of ergonomics and visual organization design can enhance the user experience of and interface with your electronic products.

Graphic Design Services include:
Product Graphics (various types, including )
Brand Development + Corporate Identity
Literature, Packaging + Retail Displays

process case study: AUTO-GRIP PLIERS DISPLAY

BDA designed this counter display for LockJaw LLC, including the tiered corrugated base to hold two sizes of 12 pliers each, and the four-color (4/C) display header with its simple tab insert assembly to the base.